Going bigger

I’ve spent recent week drooling over Arches papers. I know my go-to paper has been Fabriano but it seems Arches might actually kick my Fabriano to the curb. The durability and sizes available is what I dream of. I’ve been working on A3 and A2 for some time and it’s just too small. I need bigger sheets, or even rolls, in order to proceed where I want to go. My world is expanding, my art must follow. For now it’s like the art I’ve done recently are character studies for this new world that awaits.

I’m not sure how and when I can get a hold of these papers, hopefully this year so I can work soon, but it’s also a matter of the wallet. Being missing in the artworld since, well 2012 or 2013 I should say (did one solo show in 2012 but that feels so distant now) and focusing on taking care of my two girls has been very good for me. Now that they are bigger I can come back like a volcano. I feel like a volcano. It’s amazing and not as scary as I thought haha

So. 2017. You will be the year I erupt all over the papers. Haha

November was the flu-month, yet I managed to do some studies. I really should get back to filming while I paint too, and upload to YouTube. I’m so flattered and honored my earlier work still receive such attention and feedback. I would love to spoil you with more recent work and techniques.


Here’s an old YouTube-video, until I film a new one. Take care this holidays. Happy holidays.


Published by Anneli

Olander’s illustrations combine a lush painterly sensibility with a darkly playful take on girlish fun and the remixing of fantasy with the everyday.

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